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Brian Vohnsen

University College Dublin, Ireland

Education:MSc in Optical Engineering and laser Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark 1994.PhD in Optical Physics, Aalborg University, Denmark 1998.Course degree on University Pedagogics, Aalborg University, Denmark 1998 - 2000.Habilitation Lecturer, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain 2006.ANECA evaluated Profesor Contratado Doctor, Spain 2006.Awarded tenure UCD, Ireland 2009.NovaUCD Campus Company Development Programme, Ireland 2009. Employment history:Assistant Lecturer, Aalborg University, Denmark, 1998 - 2001.Temporary Lecturer, Aalborg University, Denmark, 2001.Marie Curie Post Doc, Universidad de Murcia, Spain, 2001 - 2003.Ramón y Cajal researcher, Universidad de Murcia, Spain, 2003 - 2008.Lecturer and Stokes awardee, University College Dublin, Ireland, 2008 - 2013.Associate Professor (senior lecturer), University College Dublin, Ireland, 2014