Christopher Musgrave

University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Christopher Musgrave is post-doctoral researcher at the Centre of Micro/Nanomanufacturing Dublin (MNMT-Dublin). Dr. Musgrave research interests are in application of porous polymers, biomaterials, pore gradient materials to medical device manufacturing. He has expertise in polymerised High Internal Phase Emulsions (PolyHIPEs), carbon aerogels and hydrogels. At MNMT-Dublin his work is focused on development of ophthalmic materials for contact and intraocular lenses (hydrogels). Dr. Musgrave obtained his PhD at the University of St Andrews, Scotland researching novel porous polymeric materials and their characterisation using TD-NMR. After Scotland, he spent 3 years at Tokyo Institute of Technology as a post-doctoral researcher/Assistant Professor. There he worked in development of compact EUV sources.