Nan Yu

University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Nan Yu is currently a Marie-Cuire Research Fellow based in the Engineering Department of CERN from 2018. At CERN, he is involved in a project of the characterization of bending crystals used in the Large Hadron Collider. He is also leading a project of "ultra-precision machining and measurement for freeform introocular lenses", with the support of his mentors from UCD (IE), CERN (CH) and NPL (UK). Prior to his individual fellowship, he worked as a postdoc research fellow at MNMT-Dublin of UCD under the supervision of Prof Fengzhou Fang. Dr Yu received his PhD in Jan 2017 from Cranfield University (UK) with the subject of "Thermal Analysis of Energy Beam using De-Laval Nozzle in Plasma Figuring Process", and his M.Sc (Jul 2013) and B.Eng (Jul 2011) of Mechanical Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology (CN).