Nan Zhang

University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Nan Zhang is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Manufacturing and Design in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at UCD. Prior to joining UCD, Dr. Zhang was working in a microfluidic company as a research and development engineer to design and development a microfluidic flow cytometer chip under support of SFI-Industry Fellowship. He was also working as a Research Scientist and Postdoctoral Fellow at MNMT-Tianjin and UCD on prototyping and production of polymeric microfluidic devices and freeform optics. His PhD research within UCD was focused on characterisation of microinjection moulding process for replication of micro/nano features and micro components. Dr. Zhang's research is to apply micro/nano mould tool manufacturing technologies and polymer micro/nano replication technologies to fundamental and applied problems relevant to design, development and production of novel polymeric micro and nano devices. His research interest includes manufacturing of multi-scale mould tools for mass production, replication of micro/nano features and complex form using microinjection moulding and nanoimprinting, and prototyping and production of polymeric micro/nano devices. He welcomes all kinds of collaborations relevant to his research. If you’d like to contact Dr Nan Zhang or have more information on his research, please send email to