Richard Leach presented the keynote speech at euspen Virtual Conference 2020

Jun 14, 2020

Prof. Richard Leach, the AET Fellow, gave a keynote speech “Why do we rarely see uncertainty statements with surface form and texture measurements?” at the euspen Virtual Conference 2020. In the keynote presentation, Prof. Richard Leach summarised the state of the art in uncertainty quantification for surface topography measurement, lay out the underlying issues that make uncertainty a difficult-to-handle problem and present some potential ways forward.

He chaired a half-day workshop on “Uncertainty in X-ray Computed Tomography” and presented a paper “Uncertainty in X-ray computed tomography using metrological characteristics”, co-authored by Angela and Adam. He also presented another oral paper on “Development of an all-optical dimensional measuring system”, co-authored by Waiel Elmadih, Samanta Piano, Mohammed Isa, Danny Sims-Waterhouse, Nicholas Southon and Wahyudin.