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About AET

AET was founded with the aim to promoting international collaboration between academia and industry. AET recruits members all over the world. AET has Fellows who are internationally recognized. Due to the limited number of AET Fellows, the election of a Fellow is a lengthy, rigorous process ensuring the high academic standards. AET is an international organization and providing technical resolution-oriented services that operates via networks.

Tool path generation by offsetting curves on polyhedral surfaces based on mesh flattening

A CL surface deformation approach for constant scallop height tool path generation from triangular

mesh tool path

Tool path generation for triangular meshes using least-squares conformal map

iso-planar path


To promote research and development by strengthening the collaboration among its members from academia and industry to contribute to the technology transfer and industrial application.


To develop the International Network of prestigious Researchers and Industrialists for the purpose of sharing their Knowledge & Insights and promoting their collaboration & development.

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