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Corporate Membership



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On line application

Notes for Applicants


It is advised that an applicant could make a self-evaluation on his/her eligibility for AET Membership, along with being aware of the official processing procedure, based on the following items of Article 8 of AET Regulation. Please notice that AET will process the membership applications only 2 times per year, in June and December. So it is expected that all the applications could be submitted latest by late May or late November.

Article 8 - Members


8.1 Members are researchers and engineers who contribute to the work of the AET through participation in the AET activities.


8.2 Each candidate for Membership must have participated in at least one AET event. The candidate is responsible for submitting a complete set of the following documents (in electronic format only) to the AET office :


I. A filled out official Membership Application Form available online.

II. A complete curriculum vitae of the candidate, including a photograph, a list of publications and a list of projects involved;


The application of the membership can be submitted with the complete set of documents at any time during the year, via AET website ( or email to Be careful to receive the acknowledgment of receipt by the AET office.


8.3 The application of the membership is examined by the Secretary General. The recommendation along with the documents clarified in 8.2 is submitted to the President for the final approval of the membership.

8.4 The membership shall be for an initial period of 2 years. A renewal is also subject to the participation in AET events by the candidate. It is strongly advised that the candidate attends the AET activities at least once per term.

The Membership Renewal  Form (available online in "Download") will be initially reviewed by the Secretary General who will forward their findings to the President. The President will approve the renewal finally.

8.5 If the President denies the application or renewal of a Member candidate, a new application of that candidate may not be submitted for at least 2 years from the time that the denied application/renewal was submitted to the AET office by the candidate.


8.6 The President should report the new membership (including renewal) and denies of membership applications to the Council every year at the Council Meeting.


8.7 Members have a voting right on the location of future General Meetings

* (Required)

Industry Classification

Engagement to AET

Engagement to AET

Please specify previous engagement activities and years to AET including papers/talks/event organizer/conference chair/attending AET events:

Please specify previous engagement activities and years to AET including papers/talks/event organizer/conference chair/attending AET events:


Data Protection Act

AET will hold your personal data (for example, your contact details, area of engineering interest, details of your academic record, employment) on its computer database. This information may be accessed, retrieved and used by AET for normal administrative purposes (for example processing your membership application/renewal and contacting you in respect of your membership) and conducting market research.

C.V Upload*

Please upload a Complete C.V including

1) A Photo

2) A List of Publications (if applicable)

3) A list of project involved (if applicable)

C.V Upload
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)

Off line application

You can also choose to download the AET MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM below, complete it and send it with your CV to, if you cannot access the online system easily.