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18th International Manufacturing Conference (IMCC 2019)


Sep 26, 2019

The International Manufacturing Conference (IMCC) is an international academic conference co-sponsored by Hong Kong Polytechnic University and relevant universities in China, and is held every two years. Since 1983, IMCC has been held 17 sessions successfully, and the topics of IMCC have been broadened to all fields of advanced manufacturing technology.

Since the 15th IMCC, it has been declared that the conference is held permanently co-sponsored by the International Academy of Production Engineering and the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering,and organized by Chinese Industrial production Institute of CMES。

The 18th International Manufacturing Conference (IMCC 2019) is organized by Shenyang Jianzhu University. During the conference, the excellent projects report and outcome exhibition of mechanical subject will be held by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Furthermore, Annual Conference of Shenyang Science and Academic, Shenyang Academician Forum on Equipment Manufacturing Development, Global Summit on Extreme Manufacturing, High-end Forum on Challenges for Precision Engineering and Manufacturing Science Towards Pico-precision, Global Summit on High Performance Manufacturing, Seminar on Abrasive Technology of CPEI, Seminar on High Performance Drive and Intelligent Equipment of CPEI, Thematic Forum on Mold & Die Manufacturing and Molding Technology of CPEI, Special Seminar on Manufacturing Technology between China and Korea will also be organized. Scholars and experts from all over the world will gather to exchange the latest research results and developments of manufacturing technology.

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