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  • Inspire your scientific ideas

  • Acquire diverse technical resources

  • Technology transfer to industries

  • Free to use AET on-line networks

  • Special offer to attend AET events

  • Publish your latest research outcomes

  • Find potential collaboration opportunities

Individual Membership


  • Researchers

  • Engineers

  • Entrepreneurs

Corporate Membership



  • Companies

  • Universities

  • Research institutes

  • Extend the network

  • Promote the business

  • Facilitate innovation & development

  • Recruit talents

  • Publish technical funding

  • Acquire extensive technical resources

  • Latest news related to your technology area

  • Organize your exclusive event

On line application

Please apply for the AET Membership via the online system.

Off line application

You can also choose to download the AET MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM below, complete it and send it with your CV to, if you cannot access the online system easily. 

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