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MNA innovation

MNA innovation is an Irish high-tech company, whose expertise is in freeform manufacturing, ultra-precision manufacturing, and precision metrology with applications in areas of optics and photonics, biomedical implants and medical devices. Freeform surfaces have very unique characteristics and are used more in various industrial sectors, as they can simplify system structures with fewer components, achieve lower mass and cost, smaller package-size and improved performance. It also gives industrial designers more flexibility and feasibilitry to realize more novel ideas. Micro/nano structures on a product surfaces give additional functionality, such as anti-reflection, anti-biofouling and self-cleaning. For example, compound eyes of moths, are a curvilinear design of hexagonally packed microlenses, which focus light onto the internal photoreceptors. The surface of each lens is further textured into patterns of hexagonally packed, sub-wavelength antireflective (AR) nanostructures to help reduction in reflection of light, enhancing the light sensitivity of the eyes of moths. Products based on freeform surfaces and micro/nano structures require not only high precision forms, but also delicate micro/nano features. MNA innovation is committed to support our customers to develop and manufacturing innovative products with either high precision form with nanometric roughness or complex surface structures based on our expertise in freeform manufacturing and ultra-precision manufacturing. If you’d like to contact MNA innovation or have more information on his research, please send email to

Project Cases

Aviation Show

Project 1: High-precision moulds and moulding

Aviation Show

Project 2: Customization of instruments and machining tools

Aviation Show

Project 3: Innovative medical devices and bio-implants


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